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You can have it all – in Diessenhofen


Five reasons for choosing Diessenhofen


Feel at home in a region with character

Travelling to Diessenhofen, you can look forward to a welcome from wide-open countryside dotted with dense forests and fertile fields. Yet Diessenhofen is much more – a major town in the independent region embraced by the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg as well as Swiss cantons Zurich and Schaffhausen. It’s an economic and cultural hub of the greater Schaffhausen area. Here you’ll enjoy a special quality of life and work. Even more: the charm of the mediaeval town on the banks of the Rhine will make you feel at home straight away.

Urban lifestyle with all the facilities you want
Everything you want right here

The up-and-coming town of 3,200 inhabitants is the District capital, with a key role in the canton. It’s a popular shopping centre with major stores (Coop, Migros, Denner, Top CC) as well as specialised shops. Many official local and district bodies are seated here, including the Local Court, the canton police HQ, public prosecutor’s office, real estate registry, justice of the peace and debt enforcement office. You’ll find two banks, four doctors, two dentists and two pharmacies. There are also excellent educational facilities such as our “Unterhof” training centre that also provides rooms for conferences and seminars, and a primary and secondary school centre. Do you have a passion for sports? Then the large sports complex is for you. Alternatively, if culture is more your thing, you’ll appreciate the museum, library and concert scene with lots of events staged in the “Unterhof” building or Town Hall. Getting together with like-minded people couldn’t be easier – there are more than 40 clubs to choose from. All in all – Diessenhofen has a high urban quality of life and everything going for it.
Your links to the wider world are via the nearby A4 and A81 motorways. Or, just 7km away, the Singen-Ramsen cargo customs point provides waterway access. Excellent rail connections get you to Schaffhausen or Stein am Rhein every half hour.

Low taxes – high quality of life

The strong finances and zero debt in Diessenhofen translate into low taxes for you. The town ranks among the upper fifth of the canton’s low-tax areas – with steadily increasing economic growth. That creates the right conditions for you to combine living and working. The Town Council is committed to liberal, business-friendly policies to attract jobs and increase living standards. There is broad support from this authority for cultural and community activities. Equally important are its strategies for revitalising the car-free Old Town. Encouraging new businesses and shops is part of this policy and it also attracts sustainable tourism and boosts the overall economy.  

Diversified economy – powered by 200 companies and 1,600 jobs

What also strikes you is the wide range of companies from a variety of sectors. It’s a bonus that more and more service providers are choosing the town as their ideal business location. Yet the focus remains on the processing industry (metal, plastic, timber, construction). This results in diversity that is reflected in the more than 200 members of our Trade and Industry Association. Included in the workforce are highly-qualified employees and 200 cross-border commuters from over the Rhine. They identify strongly with their companies, so they are hardworking and highly dedicated.

Live where others holiday

Waiting for you here is a fascinating way of life… so you feel like you are on holiday. The attractions include the mediaeval town centre and the beautiful countryside along the Rhine. As a visitor to Diessenhofen, you are always welcome. Relax in unspoilt natural surroundings, explore picturesque scenes around every corner in the Old Town, take in magnificent views across the Rhine. Or, if you prefer a more active programme, go on long, idyllic walks, have fun in the river swimming bath, or take a trip on one of Europe’s most scenic stretches of water.

Come somewhere special. Come to Diessenhofen.

Town authority: phone +41 52 646 42 42, fax +41 52 646 42 10